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Frequently Asked Questions. 

Q – Do you charge extra for Travel?
A – No I don’t! Each package includes travel.

Q – Will I get all of my photos on a DVD?
A – Yes. All of your edited images will be provided on a DVD with full print privileges meaning you can hand them out to your family and friends and print as many copies as you like.

Q – What happens next? We like your style but where do we go from here?
A – This is a question I am often asked. Many couples do not know if it is common practice to meet before securing a booking. My best advice is it’s entirely up to you! We can chat on the phone, meet in person, skype or you can request a booking form straight away. I would personally recommend that you at least have a chat with your photographer before you book. It is really important that you not only like their work, but feel comfortable and get on with them.

Q – How long will it be before I can see my photos?
A – I aim to have photos uploaded to your own private gallery within 3 – 4 weeks of your Wedding.
This may be slightly longer during the peak season.

Q – Do you take on more than one wedding in a day?
A – Absolutely not! My sole focus on your wedding day will be you and you only.

Q – Do we have to choose from one of your set packages or can we create something unique to us?
A – I can cover as much or as little of your special day as you like! You don’t have to stick to one of the packages, let me know exactly what you are after and we’ll work together to create a package bespoke to you.

Q – How many photographs will you take?
A – There is no limit to the number of photographs I will take on the day. The number varies greatly depending on the length of time I am with you and how many guests you have.
I guarantee a minimum of 150 images and can supply anything up to 600.

Q – Will you be our photographer?
A – I will take the photographs of your Wedding. Occasionally I will be accompanied by an assistant
or trainee photographer (subject to your approval of course!) but there is absolutely no additional cost to you.

Q – Will my photographs be Black and White or Colour?
A – Your Wedding Photographs will be edited in a mixture of Black and White and Colour, around 40/60.

Q – Our venue is quite dark / it looks like it may be a wet and windy day – will this be a problem?
A – Not at all. I use only the best camera equipment designed to cope with all levels of lighting. I will always research a venue thoroughly beforehand and if necessary, visit the venue to ensure there are appropriate spots for group and couple shots should there be rain.

Q – Do you require a deposit?
A – You booking form must be accompanied by a £200 deposit to secure your date.

Q – What happens if you are ill on the day and cannot attend?
A – Thankfully I have not missed one wedding yet, however If I feel I cannot give you 110% or circumstances are such that it would be impossible for me to attend, I have a network of Photographers of the same standard who will hopefully be able to step in. Should none of them be available, I will endeavour to find a suitable photographer of an equal standard at no extra cost to you. If the worst happens and I cannot source another photographer, under these circumstances only, you will receive 100% refund. Your wedding is my top priority and I will do everything in my power to ensure that your photographs are not affected.

Q – Can you provide us with the original unedited files?
A – I’m afraid I cannot provide the unedited images as I put a lot of care and time into post-processing,
just as you would not expect to receive your cake without its icing.

Q – My question is unanswered!
A – Please feel free to Contact Us if you still have any questions.